City Heights is a community that is located in the gorgeous city of San Diego, California. It has a population of 65,450 residents. The lovely community of City Heights is made up of many different neighborhoods and they each have their own diverse mix of houses, architecture, and creativity. A few of these neighborhoods are Oak Park, Gateway, and Roland and they all have their own set of different amenities. The main road that runs through City Heights is University Avenue. Residents of the community use it as the main roadway to get to shopping, restaurants, different businesses, community centers, and outdoor recreational areas. There are quite a few of homes here that backup to the gorgeous canyons that surround the area.

The main thing that makes City Heights stand out is its ethnic diversity and this is what has cause the community to culminate many great projects and a speedy revitalization of the community. The schools here are growing fast to try and accommodate the high increase in families that have moved to the area and to help keep affordable housing in the works too. All of this would not have been possible without Sol Price, who owns the Price Club wholesale and has donated $40 million to rebuild the area.

Many residents enjoy the City Heights Urban Village. It’s equipped with a swimming center with pools fit for adults and children, children’s tot lots, turfed playing fields for softball and soccer, tennis courts, and a huge 8,800 square foot recreation center that has rooms that are large enough for dances, classes, and meeting rooms. There are many different types of housing to choose from in City Heights because it is so diverse. You will find mainly single family homes but that’s definitely not your only option. If you are interested in purchasing a home in City Heights, contact us today for more information.

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